Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hanging on in there

What a week it's been - all over the country. The tragic events in Cork and Limerick have thrown into stark relief all petty day-to-day concerns. Who can know how those poor families are feeling? Worrying about the mundane is nothing compared to what they have to deal with. My heart and prayers go out to them.

I started out the week feeling like Atlas, with all the weight of looming exams on my shoulders. Everyone I talked to seemed to be in the same frame of mind, particularly my fellow mature students. Sharing the burden across the whole campus helped a lot so, after a couple of days, everyone's mood was lighter and the library and reading room were crammed all day, every day. We're just getting on with study and essay writing and doing our best to get good enough grades to pass. Roll on December 17th!

Still waiting for my English essay to be graded by the powers that be but have got some very positive comments from my tutor. The constructive criticism was expected and can be used to direct essay number two. This has to be in on December 2nd but there's a problem - one of the tutors has been absent and we've missed two important lectures, the contents of which are needed for the essay. Will have to see will they extend the deadline or if we are just expected to muddle through on our own. Was banking on last Friday's lecture to spur me on to starting writing. Oh well, it will get done somehow. Have started the Celtic Civ essay at least!

From now until the end of the semester it's going to be nothing but work, work, work. Tuesday we have a Spanish Oral; Wednesday it's a Spanish test. The same day as the English essay is due we have another Spanish test, this time on Latin American History and Culture. The exam timetable is up and I have four in three days from 15th to 17th - Spanish and Philosophy on the same day - UGH!

Oops! Just remembered that I've a Spanish essay to write before Wednesday - better leave off scribbling here and get my act together.

A good thing to remember - which I remind myself of every day - is that I'm so lucky to be doing what I'm doing. Passing my exams, rather than killing myself going all-out for Firsts, is what is important. I'm a mum as well as a student and am getting the hang of the balancing act. With the economy down the spout, there may be no opportunity for others to follow in my footsteps. Going to college THIS year was my last chance and will lead to a better future for the whole family.

Hold onto that thought girl!

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