Friday, December 17, 2010

What a feeling!

Why did nobody tell me how it was going to feel when the exams finished?

It's as good as when I gave birth to my children! Here I am, 31 years after leaving school and finishing my first semester in university - with (I hope) all my exams passed. Came out of philosophy exam this evening to a Christmas snowfall and it was sheer heaven. I wanted to burst with pride. Made do with waiting for my mates with a bottle of Cava and, outside the exam hall, we mature students toasted each other and gloried in our achievements.

It is so hard to take it all in. A year ago I was hoping that I'd get into college and now I feel that I am a 'real' student. The exams weren't easy but I did realise that the work I'd put in over the term had actually paid off. Of course I'll do things differently next semester, but for the first term I'm dead proud of myself :-)

Resting on my laurels is not going to be an option. I will have a different strategy next semester but we have also been given a ton of homework by the Spanish department to do over the Christmas holidays. Feliz Navidad my ass!!! We get examined on our holiday work the second week after we go back to college. Think I may take Christmas day off LOL.

It will take a day or so to wind down and tidy up all the notes and books lying around the house after the frantic cramming of the last few days. The next few hours are going to be spent relaxing with the lads and having a few drinks.

Student life really is great :-)

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