Saturday, January 8, 2011

Holiday over

Three whole weeks of not being a student and the new semester looms. Typically, despite a couple of attempts to open the books over the holidays, I've left all the homework for this weekend. Have the house to myself for a change so will have to immerse myself in Spanish again. It's so hard when there is so much sport on tv today!

I found it very odd not going to college for so long. Really missed campus and the daily interaction with my friends. However, had all the boys at home for a change and we did have a great time together. It did me good to switch off the little grey cells and be 'mum' again - even on crutches!

Yes, I did go to the hospital after the exams and had the leg x-rayed. Nothing actually broken but really bust up my knee, ankle and shin and should NOT have been given only one crutch by the college clinic. Still on painkillers and not able to walk far without the crutches but definitely on the mend.

Finally got some feedback on my second English essay yesterday. No grade yet but extremely positive comments and not a correction in sight! Was almost crying with happiness. All the work I put into the essay was worth it. Maybe this will be my first English A?

Come on girl! Time to get working again.

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