Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back in the deep end

The first week of the new semester is over and already I'm exhausted. I'd forgotten how tiring being in college was and the literal mountain of reading to be done over the next few weeks is very daunting. Of course, having to lug myself round campus on crutches doesn't help and, by the end of the day, my leg is very painful and swollen again. The price of dedication!

The new courses are more interesting than last year's. We have new lecturers and seem to be expected to work at a higher level now. Friday's Philosophy lecture was a blast! Teleportation and the consequences thereof. A question to think about for next week is how to get from the lecture discussion to why we should be nice to other people? That certainly made for a very interesting and hilarious conversation in the car later on! We were also invited to ask the lecturer afterwards if we wanted to know how light-sabres work.... and you know that I did :-)

Best of all is being with friends again and chatting over coffee in Smokey's or sharing a cigarette in an alcove out of the rain. I wasn't the only one who found the holidays long and missed campus life. We 'matures' seem to be more focussed than ever. One of the girls has even been to a careers seminar to help her discover where next year's subject choices will take her. We are going to start having a Spanish study group to give us a chance to actually speak more of the language and I am getting a Spanish-speaking partner for oral practice.

It's all go again! Harder than ever to fit in 'normal' life. Guess it will all sort itself out in a week or two. Time now to do some housework and try not think of all the college-related things I should be doing - Read Jane Eyre; do Spanish essay and homework; photocopy Welsh poetry; read Celtic Civ for next lecture... Oh! And buy more books :-)

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