Monday, April 4, 2011

Another one bites the dust

Taking a little time out to relax after the Spanish oral exam. Went surprisingly well and the pair of us managed to raise a few laughs with our prepared jokes. The time flew and we were let out with three minutes to spare! Saw the examiners had ticked off a list of things they were expecting from us so guess we impressed.

With this and the culture exam we had last Thursday over and done with, it's just a matter of preparing exam questions for next week and then First Year is over. So glad I got all my essays out of the way because I'm feeling less pressurised than before the Christmas exams. Maybe I didn't take all of the advice I gave myself at the beginning of this semester, but I did pace myself better than the first term.

After doing precious little for the past few days except immerse myself in Spanish, re-adjusting my mind and applying it to my other subjects isn't easy - hence my scribbling here rather than working on philosophy! Maybe a walk on the beach with the dog is what is needed.

Hasta luego!

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