Saturday, November 5, 2011

Time to quit procrastinating!

With the hiatus of Hallow'een over, the second half of the semester has begun with three out of five essay assignments handed out this week. How to choose between titles is the hardest part but have begun preparations by sorting out secondary sources and actually tidying my lecture notes. Was rightly accused this week of having 'too busy' a mind (thank you my wise friend) so need to get more focussed for the next month or so.

How on earth can one be focussed when so much reading is filling my mind with endless possibilities? The sunshine is another distraction and I'm missing the beaches of Mayo and the family - two and four-legged.

Was irrationally pissed at one of the grades I got for a mid-term assignment. After thinking that I'd be lucky to get a B, the B+ of 69% was irksome, to say the least. One mark off a First!!! How cruel is that? That magical glass ceiling of 70 appears to get more opaque in second year. Never mind - it gives me something to aim for.

Oh, the moral dilemma about what to do with last Friday afternoon sorted itself. Seeing as how the majority of my friends are in my Philosophy class, I joined them rather than go to the radio show on my own. We've got a trip planned that will more than make up for it - heading to Dublin on Nov 17th to TCD's debate on Assisted Suicide. One of the proposers is none other than 'The Man in the Hat' (Sir Terry Pratchett to the uninitiated) and as I'm going to be reporting the event for 'SIN', with a bit of luck I'll get to chat to him :-)

This will also make up for the fact that I'm not at IDWCon this weekend due to lack of funds. Am thinking of everyone down in Ennistymon and hope the craic is as good as in 2009. Cheerie is with you all in spirit!

Anyway, it's time to choose between Shakespeare (again) or Plato to be my companion for the day.`Or maybe I'll just spend a little time out in the fresh air first?

Procrastination, procrastination :-)


  1. I got a couple of 69% as an undergrad and one as of 68% on my MA - I agree it is very annoying! Just missing out on that line between distinction & merit and can be due to a missed punctuation error, which makes it even more irritating. Fresh airt isn't procrastination, look upon it as thinking time!

  2. I like Jan's idea, thinking time instead of procrastination. I love to procrastinate myself. It is one of my favorite hobbies. I will be back later to see how it is going.

  3. Yes, I know the feeling of just missing out on the grade you want! Don't be too hard on yourself though, a B+ is very good.

    I've given you a Liebster Award for your blog. Check out my blog for the details!