Friday, November 18, 2011

The perks of college life :-)

Yes, that is me in the picture with 'The Man in the Hat'. Got the chance to go up to Dublin to cover a debate on assisted suicide in TCD and jumped at it! A fascinating evening with the bonus of getting a brief interview with Sir Terry and some of the other speakers. Full report should be available on next week but the overall impression of the evening is that most of the speakers were excellent, the arguments persuasive and the moderate majority carrying the motion 'That This House Would Provide Assisted Suicide for all Adults' was reflective of the debate.

Now that this exciting event is over, it's time to get on with the serious business of essay writing and preparing for the one exam next month. Strangely enough, I don't feel too pressured because I know that I've worked steadily over the term and read constantly. It's just a matter of keeping calm, focussed and putting everything down on paper - well, screen in this technological era.

Once all this scrivening is behind me there's plenty to look forward to - my guy is coming for a visit from London and the lads have bought him tickets to a gig as his Christmas present, so that'll be my reward for hard work during the term; then it's home with the gang for a family Christmas, for which, I believe, the baking will be completed before I get there :-)

It's been a concentrated, concentrating semester. One final push and it'll be over. Hard to know whether I'll be glad to see the back of it as it's been so great. Half way to my degree already!


  1. Enjoy the break over Christmas. It's always good to look back proudly at the hard work you've put in over another semester.

  2. Halfway to your degree - congratulations! That is really good.