Tuesday, January 17, 2012

An amazing day

It didn't start out that way. For some reason, after eventually drifting off for a couple of hours sleep, at 4.30am I was wide awake at the same time as being exhausted. Needless to say, when the alarms went off shortly after I'd finally nodded off, it was a case of 'I'll get up the next time it rings' and ended up sleeping soundly at last and missing my morning lecture. What got me out of bed was a friend ringing unexpectedly to say he was in town and wanted to meet up. By the time he got to the house the kettle had boiled and the first caffeine of the day started to take effect.

The phone rang - my eldest son, who doesn't usually ring unless he wants something - had opened some mail which had arrived at the home house for me. To my amazement he telling me that I'd won a small scholarship for my 1st year results. I get to dress up and go to an awards ceremony and everything! Just as well I was at home when I got the news because it was such a wonderful bombshell. If only my dad was alive to go to the event with me. I can picture his face beaming with quiet pride at the success of another of his children.

The rest of the day went great - even got my first choice for English Seminar (Creative writing) and meetings and lecture were good. However, my overall emotion is one of gratitude - for the genetic heritage of my parents and grandparents; the fantastic education I was given as a child and the support and encouragement of my amazing family and friends. Without all the people behind me I'd never have got where I am now and this scholarship is as much down to them as the work I did last year.

Now just keep pushing me to continue the effort for the next 18 months :-)

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