Thursday, January 26, 2012

I spoke too soon!

Knew this would happen - we've suddenly been given a heap of reading to do for all courses and it was only yesterday that Blackboard got its act together and gave access to reading lists and links to all the online articles. Why do I always open my big mouth?

On the writing front, we had our first Creative Writing Seminar yesterday and I think it will be even better than I had hoped. Was as nervous as anything but we have the most amazing writer/lecturer: a polyglot Fullbright Scholar no less! We're going to be learning about writing from the publishing as well as the practical side and it should be the kick up the behind I need to put pen to paper more often. At the end of class we were given a topic and then told to write continuously on it for six minutes. I couldn't get over how the words flowed and, if you are interested, part of our course is to put what we write on the class Facebook page. Check out the page: "EN284a Writing Commercial Fiction".

This morning is 'Click and Connect' day so I've come in early to get some reading done for this evening's lecture - Hazlitt essays. Loved him in school and have a beautiful book of his poetry which I picked up many years ago in a poky second hand bookshop in England; one of those wonderful Aladdin's caves with shelves all over the place and nooks and crannies to explore.

Really can't stay here and chat so I'll leave with a 'vignette' from yesterday...

While working in a computer suite, a student very kindly gave me a lolipop, saying: "We have to look after our matures". And I thought I was still only a young one :-)

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