Friday, February 17, 2012

Growing and changing

A sunny Saturday is trying to lure me from my desk and I'm sitting here fighting with myself over what to do. Of course there's an essay deadline on Monday, but there is also the dog (and yours truly) in need of some fresh air and exercise. As I write, the thought of strolling across the park and a game of 'fetch' on the way to get something nice for brunch seems to be the best compromise. I will walk off the calories that will be eaten later; my bitch won't spend the day giving me soulful looks; and a clear head will write better (I hope).

Now that's decided, it's just a matter of getting one more cup of coffee on the inside and suitable clothing on the outside and we'll be off. While I'm sipping, can get some more of this blog written.

Earlier today, it dawned on me that being in college has changed me enormously. No way am I the same person I was two years ago - sometimes I'm not sure of who I am at all. Of course there are bits of me I recognise, but the way this student is evolving keeps on surprising me! Apart from increased confidence, I'm far more organised that I ever thought possible, something which even my lecturers have commented on. Interpersonal skills - never a strong point - seem to have come out of nowhere and I like to think that I'm a more approachable and likeable person than before.

After I'd got over my divorce, my sister told me that I had become the person I should have been if I hadn't married. Maybe the 'new' me is the adult that would have grown up in that parallel universe?

I always swore that I'd be like Peter Pan and never grow up. I doubt I'll ever lose the inner child but as I get to know this 'mature' student, it's not so bad becoming an adult after all!

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  1. I agree, college certainly helps you find yourself, no matter how old!