Saturday, February 25, 2012


I'm in a quandary. Nothing to do with college but, depending on how I deal with the situation, it will have implications on all aspects of life, including academic plans. Something of an ethical nature has been brought to my attention which, as a philosophy student, I am trying to address logically. However, all the propositional calculus in the world doesn't change the fact that a difficult decision will have to be made once I have all the premises laid out properly. There are times when being so analytical is problematic but now I do have the tools with which to work things out.

As you can gather, the Logic course is going well and, while I'm struggling a bit with the new calculus, the practical applications are being integrated into my way of thinking. The Critical Theory essay due on Wednesday is bound to include valid arguments!

The academic week was a very busy one all round. I eventually finished my first mid-term essay and got it submitted with 40 minutes to spare. Reading-wise I'm almost up-to-date and I'm nearly ready to start writing the next assignment. Throw in the voluntary work and a nice bit of typing 'as Gaeilge' for somebody and it's understandable that I tended to collapse into bed early every night. Tuesday, I fell asleep on the couch straight after dinner and on Wednesday I couldn't even string a coherent sentence together by the time I got home!

A complete change of pace is in order this weekend. I'm home in Mayo with all the family and we shall do 'normal' things together. For once, the weather is fine and a long walk on a beach or two is definitely on the agenda. Some reading will have to be done but I think it's time to switch off and let the batteries recharge.

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  1. I love the photo you picked. I hope the recharging goes well. I know the feeling... sometimes this recharging is SO important.