Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Not again!

Oh no! Have an essay due tomorrow and I've only managed to write a fraction of the 1,500 words expected. After carefully completing the necessary reading, once again I find that it's all sloshing around in my brain but won't organise itself properly in order that it can flow out through my fingers onto the page.

If I were at home this morning, I'd probably find myself doing housework or laundry as a distraction tactic. However, having to attend lectures means that I'm stuck at a desk in the Library, completely unable to switch off the 'little grey cells' so they are whizzing around like moths at a candle instead of behaving themselves.

It's not that I don't know what to write, or that I don't want to write - I'm writing quite happily here and submitted a few hundred words for Creative Writing a short while ago; it just seems to be a surfeit of disorganised thoughts. I've even been working on a Prepositional Calculus puzzle for Logic in an attempt to switch to the analytical track and leave the creative process to itself!

Do I go home and see if location is the problem? Do I take a walk into town? Do I miss the 3pm lecture in Critical Theory so I can stop worrying about breaking off from work to attend class? I'm certainly not going to get much done as things stand.

Will walk away from the laptop and see what comes to me.....


  1. I thought I recognised the writing style, but 1,500 words is easy if you're good at typing.

    I used to get 2,500 word essays (on an undergraduate level course).

    The problem I have is more at the 2,500 word level as you tend to run out of relevant sources, ideas and start just writing the same things in different ways (which tends to attract irate comments from the person marking it).

    The part I dislike about academic writing though is the footnotes and referencing. I tend to add the references as I write the text, but it spoils the flow of my thoughts when I'm writing.

    I did manage to get through all my university studies without a laptop though... the university libraries had a lot of computers.

    Oh and I wrote one 2,500 word essay I'm referring to above in one evening at the university library (and part of an early morning).

    It can be done, but it seems both you and I are the sort to leave things to the last minute...

  2. I know the feeling! I tend to write better in the surrounds of home. Good luck!