Sunday, October 24, 2010

Long weekend

Everyone is thrown by having the bank holiday a week before Halloween - seems like it's going to be a seven-day fancy dress extravaganza on campus. Am thinking of going to the Philosopher's party in the bar on Wednesday but depends on whether or not I feel like putting together a costume.

Haven't done much in the way of work since finishing up on Friday - part of me feels guilty as there's a pile of Spanish homework to be done and I'm also itching to get cracking on the English essay. Mind you, am having a lovely time not being a student and being with the family. Just had a smashing breakfast cooked by one son and taking the sprog to watch Man U game in town shortly. Have a feeling that later on we'll be watching Kung Fu Panda dvd :-) Please note - watching Liverpool make a show of themselves again is not on the agenda. Even doing the ironing is more appealing!

Tomorrow is another family day - heading to Dublin to visit my uncle in hospital. The books can wait until Tuesday.

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