Friday, October 15, 2010

Settling in

Another week has passed and life on campus is almost becoming 'normality'.

My feelings of exhaustion finally drove me to the college health centre where, not surprisingly, I was told that my cold had turned into something nasty - a sinus infection - and was told to go home to bed and take my medicine (in this case, antibiotics and steroids). Took the afternoon off but no way was I going to miss any more Spanish classes so made it in the next morning for a few hours.

Two days on the tablets and I'm feeling pretty much okay again, so the end of the week has been a nice pattern of going to lectures, language classes and tutorials, inter-spaced with periods at home reading and doing homework.

I have to say that NUIG provides students with first-rate health care; extremely efficient and thorough. Had to go back this morning to have six little vials of my blood extracted for analysis. At least I will know next week if I'm going to be fit enough to finish my degree!

Highlight of the week had to be the return of my first graded continuous assessment assignment for Spanish - A! This really has spurred me on to work harder than ever and, as a reward, this morning a very special book arrived in the post which I ordered over the Internet - BRUJERÍAS - Terry Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters en español. Knowing it practically by heart in English, reading it in Spanish isn't that hard so, hopefully, my vocabulary will improve while I giggle :-)

Missed all the fun and games after lectures this week so nothing to report from the socs and clubs. Looking forward to the Philosopher's fancy dress party during Halloween week - any suggestions for a costume will be very welcome.

Glad to have developed a fairly decent routine regarding study. More changes to the household this week as mi novio has arrived from London for a visit. Planning a quiet weekend without any offspring around and then it will be so much fun introducing him to my college life. Who knows? He may end up joining me there!

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