Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Loving life :-)

My current Facebook status shows me wondering if life can get any better. To tell the truth, living 'the dream' really is something wonderful and the longer I'm in college the more I'm sure that the move to Galway and NUIG was 100% correct.

Now that the antibiotics have done their thing, the exhaustion and lethargy are gone and I've only once nodded off in Celtic Civ - nothing new in that with the soporific waffling one lecturer subjects us to! As we reach the ends of our first modules in English, Philosophy and C. Civ., the contents of the courses seem far more manageable than they did last month. We have been given tips for exams, have a better idea of what is expected of us and I'm much more relaxed about everything. It makes actually learning the material easier and starting my first essay is no longer daunting.

Tutorials have passed the introductory stage and they really are a place to clarify things from lectures and ask questions. Philosophy would have to be my favourite tutorial - Lucy, a fun post-grad, who's a massive sci fi fan, is the tutor and she facilitates and guides our discussions to some sort of conclusion. There are NO wrong answers is Philosophy! Spotted a quote from a Galway TD in the paper yesterday, relating to Human Rights, so brought it in with me. Lucy read it out at the start of the session and it led to a debate on democracy (with plenty of reference to Plato's Republic of course :-)

My biggest problem - and this would be with anything that I'm into - is switching off. The habit of working most of the day on campus helps a lot but my 'better half' is now staying with us and, while he is interested in my college days, he calls a halt when he feels enough is enough. It's so good to have him here when I get home and makes sure that the transition from 'student' to 'human being' is a smooth one.

Yes, I'm loving life and really appreciate how lucky I am.

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