Friday, October 1, 2010

Failed .... Yippee!!!

Yes, you read it correctly - probably one of the top ten things nobody ever expected me to say but the Spanish level test has successfully weeded me out of Intermediate and back to Beginners where I originally applied to be. Was so relaxed after getting the news that (of course) my final class with the 'big boys' went well and I understood most of it and thoroughly enjoyed it.

It does mean that there will be more classes to attend from now on but at least I'll be working at a pace that's more suitable. One of my friends is moving back with me and we've been grouped together, so it's all good.

Was blaming the flu on the exhaustion I've been feeling but yesterday began to realise that it's the serious concentration that daily studying takes that is mostly responsible. Discussed this with some of my mature fellows and found that they are also finding that using the brain in a different way after so long is extremely taxing. A second year told us that it took him about six months to get the 'little grey cells' fit enough to cope. This student life is really throwing up some interesting lessons outside of the classroom.

Historically, a university education was designed to help develop maturity and an all-round education. What I'm discovering is that, although modern colleges have many specialities, the whole structure of campus life is a learning experience in itself and, for me, I hope to learn as much about myself and other people as I do about my subjects.

Maybe I'll be able to drop the question mark after 'mature' in a few years?

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