Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Second month - and STILL getting lost!

Started the week by getting lost trying to find my new Spanish class - ended up staying (by invitation) in the wrong classroom so it was an interesting way to join beginners. Today's language class was great though and, as there are two of us who have stepped down into the same group, it wasn't difficult to settle in.

Made sure I found out where and when I was supposed to be for today. English tutorial and lecture were as good as ever and there were less in the class too - just what I had hoped for.

Had planned to study for the afternoon but a friend from Westport was in town and took me to lunch - felt like I was mitching :-)

Tip for self (and any other similar idiots): LEAVE books in locker BEFORE heading to town from college. By the time I'd done the necessary bit of shopping and walked round the city I needed to get a taxi home.

Off to the first meeting of the English Society in an hour - Word Games and free food in the college bar... oh, the joys of student life!


Had to put a postscript on here. English Soc was absolutely brilliant. Groups of us at various tables, around which we had to rotate, playing fun word games and meeting new friends. Ended up at table with one of our lecturers and her pals - ALL fans of Terry's! (For those of you who are not in the know, I'm talking about the one and only Sir Terry Pratchett) They were all jealous that I'd met the great man and it looks like there'll be an NUIG group at the next IDWCon....

Parting words at the end of the evening - our esteemed lecturer proclaims that she sees herself as Daft Wullie :-). English in college Rocks!

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