Wednesday, October 20, 2010


After all my angst about Spanish, I realised I didn't even mention the subject yesterday! Gracia de Dios, it's all going great. A second 'A' received today and, after class, spent two hours studying in the library for Friday's test. Have set myself a standard which may be impossible to keep up - but you know I'll try :-)

The current issue of 'SIN' is out and contains my piece on mature students. There's a lot of controversy about the paper at the moment - the second article on sex for college students was, in my opinion, a page of gratuitous verbal pornography and it offended a large number of people on campus. This issue has two pages of letters on the matter, most of them giving out yards, and the local radio station has broadcast that the SU is determined to ensure that such an article is not repeated. I have even seen a call for the editor to resign... No comment. This issue has another article in the series by the same writer but, this time, it seems to be well watered-down. Personally, I'd have suspended publication to see what way the wind would blow. Overheard some students talking about it today, as well as the atrocious proofreading and type setting. Yeah, well... my opinion on that and my offer to assist are known in the appropriate quarter.

On overhearing people, heard a gem on the stairs in the library this afternoon from a teenage girl - "I heard there's a lot of books in there....Yeah, I know it's a library, but..." And this was a student! ROFL

Was joined at lunchtime by my better half (BH from now on) and we went to Philosophy lecture together, sitting with one of my good friends who he has already met. Bit of a let-down as the lecturer never showed up! We did get a show of one type though - a couple of lads ran down the side aisles, waving their shirts in the air and yelling their heads off. Meeting in the middle of the lecture stage, they jumped up, bumped stomachs and returned up the stairs to the doors. Totally pointless but at least it broke the lethargy and did stir us to give up waiting for the professor and depart (as suggested by the streakers) for a pint.

Just another typical day in NUIG!

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