Friday, October 8, 2010

A week of firsts

Well, after starting off the week by going to the wrong lecture for the first time, novel experiences just kept on piling up!

On the academic front I had my first language lab and first Celtic Civ tutorial. Both were in small groups and thoroughly enjoyable and good learning environments.

Socially there were way too many things to do on campus during the week but, before letting my hair down I did get lots of study done in my free time. Feeling virtous, Thursday night's trip to the Roisin Dubh with the comedy society seemed to be a well-earned treat and a large group headed off to the venue, where a stand-up gig was being recorded for TV broadcast in the new year. Going to live comedy is one of my 'things' and I laughed myself silly all night. (Yes, okay, I'm silly enough at the best of times :-) I won't give any spoilers here - suffice to say, if you can watch the show 'Stand and Deliver' on RTE in the New Year, don't miss it!

Being a less than mature student, instead of heading straight home after the performance, it was a case of 'just one more drink' which, because I met so many people I knew, turned into a long night of animated camaraderie and, what seemed at the time to be erudite conversation. I eventually got in some time after 3am - with a 9am lecture to look forward to. Ha!

Another first in the morning - not surprisingly. Missed the lecture and woke late in a total panic that I'd also missed the next one and a tutorial. It had to happen sometime :-) Thank goodness I didn't have a bad head and made it through the day without mishap.

The final 'first' of the week was handing in the first assignement which will be counted towards my end of year marks. Scary stuff!

Lots of reading to do this weekend as next week sees me having to make a start on essays... Wonder how long this feeling of being a 'kid in a sweet shop' is going to last?

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