Wednesday, September 8, 2010

College Bound

Well, I’ve finally done it! Thirty one years after leaving school I’m now registered at NUIG to study for an Arts BA. I’m feeling very proud and very, very nervous. Proud because at long last I am realising a lifelong dream; nervous as hell because there is now no turning back and the next three years are going to test me to the limit. It will be a lot of study, reading and writing – all things I love doing – but also extremely challenging in that I need to learn good time-management; be more organised; still be mum to my three boys and somehow make ends meet without them suffering. It’s a tall order for anyone but will be worth it in the long run and I know I have it in me to make the most of the next three years.

As a mature student, my attitudes to college, as well as my aspirations, are different from those starting out fresh from school. I’ve done a lot with my life so far and know, pretty much, what I’m aiming for.

To me, unable for family reasons to attend university after sitting the Leaving Cert, the chance to get a degree at last is of huge personal importance. At 16, I wanted to study dentistry like my dad, but the past few years working for the local newspaper have given me the opportunity and training that has pointed the way to a career in publishing and writing. This is my goal and a BA is a means to an end in that respect. Yes, I was the tender age of 16 years sitting my Leaving Cert and as ignorant and innocent of the world as you could possibly imagine. I had the brains but not an ounce of sense to go with them! Now, hopefully, I have the sense – but is the brain still up to it? This is part of my own challenge in going to college: can I reach the potential that is/was there?

Won’t tax the old noggin too much on this first blog entry – more anon 

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