Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reading, reading, reading

Got some reading lists today, as well as course hand-outs with more reading to do. Just as well I took advantage of the Library orientation session. The rest of the week will have to be cheap book hunting!

Mind you, have quite a lot of the books already and was thrilled to find The Jumblies and Jabberwocky on the poetry list! Next semester we'll even have Terry Pratchett on the reading list... don't think I'll have any problem finding a copy there as they are ALL on my bookshelf and have been read and re-read many times over :-)

Today was also Societies Day and, like so many other first years, joined far more than I can possibly attend but just getting regular emails about events from the Comedy Soc will be worth it. I do intend to get to the Literary and Philosophy Soc meetings and have volunteered to work for the college newspaper - have to keep my skills at subbing up to date. Of course I joined the SciFi and Fantasy soc... especially as three of my Discworld friends were there!

Only one more introductory lecture to get to tomorrow, as well as get my ID and pay some fees. Then it's down to the books.

Think my Edward Lear would be a good book to take to bed....
"They went to sea in a sieve they did,
In a sieve they went to sea..."

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