Thursday, September 9, 2010

Confusing Campus

Today I ventured down to college to have a good look around and make sure I know where to be for Orientation. The campus seems so big and there are so many people everywhere! (The construction work and detours don't help).

Managed to get important things done like find registration and the fees office - they don't want me to give them anything until Monday :-)

While ambling around, read a lot of noticeboards. There is so much more to college than lectures and study. I'm glad I decided to go this route and not do distance learning. The number of societies and clubs is unbelievable. Saw one notice for a 'Black Books' marathon coming up soon and the college newspaper is looking for volunteers. It will be a bit of a 'kid in a sweetshop' thing when the time comes to choose what to get involved in.

College is a completely new world for me to explore and I intend to immerse myself into it as much as possible. It's just all so much to take in! Will have to try and break it down into bite-sizes to get the hang of it. Better get myself a metaphorical knife and fork....

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