Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Positive thinking

It's mid-way through the second week of lectures and I'm wondering am I the same person that I was when starting college? Feeling so much more positive and confident that I'm going to be able to do this - even if I somehow miraculously passed the Spanish level test and have to stay in the more advanced class.

Today went as well as yesterday and I thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the sunshine for a couple of hours at one of the tables outside the College Bar studying Marlowe's 'Doctor Faustus' with the new outlook on drama that the lectures have engendered. Had the pleasant company of my new friend Paula some of the time while she worked at
Economics. Wherever I was between lectures, I had one or other of my core reading books with me and got stuck in... Am getting the hang of studying again.

Met my Academic Advisor today as well, a lovely Doctor of History, who was very positive about my choices, goals and attitude to university. Gave him the appropriate form so that's all the admin side of starting college out of the way.

This evening, having done so much studying during the day, took myself off to the Hispanic Society's showing of 'La noche de los girasoles' - a marvellous film and a great way to get the ear attuned to the language (even if I needed the subtitles to understand a lot of it). Rounded off the evening by meeting one of my new friends in the bar for a lovely chat and, of course, once there met a few more people I know, before getting half drowned walking home.

As a final, positive note to the college day, arrived home to find an email from the SIN editor telling me that the article I submitted is very good and will be in the next issue of the paper next week.

How can I be negative and lacking in confidence when everyone around me is affirming what I'm doing? This 'new' me is going to do her best not to slip back into the old way of thinking - even the rain didn't dampen my spirits!

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