Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New look tutorials

First tutorial this morning - English - and our tutor apologised for the new style the college has adopted (most likely because of cut backs). Instead of the expected small group of a dozen or so, found myself in a classroom with 50 others! Was still very interesting and informative but disappointed that there won't be opportunity for deep discussons.

I suppose I'd better say how yesterday's Spanish level test went... it went. Did all I could manage inside ten mintues, then guessed a few more answers. Afterwards, six of us who had initially registered as beginners were praying we'd failed. Have a week to find out where we'll eventually wind up. Had my first Intermediate Spanish language class today and was pleasantly surprised at being able to do quite well. Much more relaxed than the other classes so the tongue loosened up and started spouting proper sentences 'en Espanol'. Now I'm not sure if I really want to go down a level but, as my grammar is so weak, going down is still the preferred option.

Had a meeting with the Mature Students Officer this morning to get information for my first article for SIN. Was great to spend time with Trish, who is a lovely lady and definitely in the right job. During the hour or so I learnt that I wasn't the only one to be totally freaked out on day one - while I was crying in the Spanish department, she had a number of students who came to tell her that they felt they really weren't cut out for college! Obviously being 'mature' does not mean that we are grown-up when faced with the reality of university life. As Trish said, we need to lose the label of 'mature' and just think of ourselves as 'students'. I probably got more from our support service in that short conversation than anything else :-)

The article is now written and submitted to the paper.... you'll have to get your hands on a copy or look it up online to read it.

Did a lot of study at home this evening and have a 9am lecture in the morning so time to sign off.

Buenos noches.

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