Sunday, September 12, 2010

NUIG puts out the welcome mat

What a day! The Fáilte Fest was one hell of a day to welcome all the Freshers (and their families). Took my gang down to join in all the fun and games and sample all the free food on offer. Was so good to meet up with new friends, bump into some old ones at the scifi/fantasy society, and then make some more friends.

Took part in the challenge provided - we had to collect six stickers each of various colours by participating in activities or just appearing at different places to pick up leaflets. Made it into the first 500 so got a voucher for free pizza and a drink (used by my youngest). Didn't win a prize in the draw, but it was a great afternoon and I certainly learnt as much today as yesterday.

Anyway, it's been a long day and lectures start tomorrow. This weekend has been totally amazing but it's only been a warm up for the real thing. Fun and games are part of college life but at the end of the day, getting a degree at the end of the three or four years is the goal and, while I fully intend to participate fully in college life, I want to study and pass my exams. Time to rest the brain for the day to come.

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