Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time to be serious?

Freshers' fortnight has now ended and the serious business of college gets underway tomorrow. We start tutorials on top of lectures and seminars so it's time to switch into work mode.

Had my first peep into the old college buildings last week... the Quad will be a nice place to study on warm days. It's getting rather chilly now and I'm blaming the cooler days, combined with alternatively getting soaked and being in extremely stuffy lecture theatres for my nasty cold. Bought up a chemist's shop over the weekend to help keep me going.

Adhering to my plan of making the most of the university experience, went for a fitness assessment in the gym yesterday. Was pleasantly surprised at not being half as bad as I thought and the lovely instructor put me through my paces and started me on an exercise regime. The goal is to lose at least a stone and drop a dress size before Christmas... Now that's in writing I'm going to HAVE to stick to it!

Of course, hardly opened a book since last lecture on Friday. Feel a bit guilty but am determined to get into a good routine this week. Anyone who knows me will be aware that this is not one of my strong points - been such a long time since I needed one.

Mind you, a flexible routine is always the best and I'm sure I'll find time to watch a film, attend a meeting or two (followed by a pint) and also get some copy written for SIN - that's the name of the college newspaper and supposed to be pronounced in the Gaeilge as 'shin'.

Have a few hours left of the weekend to get the house organised, prepare for tomorrow and iron something to wear. Better get away from the pc so :-)

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