Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ready, steady.....

Today I finally go my ID card, bought a couple more books and borrowed some from the library. Also got my Spanish timetable so all ready for Monday. Have complete week worked out, as far as lectures etc. go, and the only thing left to do is try out the Kingfisher and see what time I can spare for societies and clubs.

Oh! Also drove to Dublin and back with the car laden with son's stuff, so he is now sorted too and the house has a lot more space.

It has been an amazing few days of getting organized, learning the ropes and meeting some great new friends. Last evening popped into the SciFi and Fantasy Soc at 6pm. Met lots of people, snacked, drank wine, played a role play game and got home just after midnight having had a couple of drinks in the bar to round things off.

College seems to have a time of its own. You don't notice it passing because everything is so engrossing. Being in the library has also brought home to me the full meaning of L-space. Lost complete track of everything while I was there and even saw groups of students wandering lost among the shelves. As the librarians were dressed up for Fresher's Week, was disappointed not to see an orang utan shuffling round.

Being on campus late at night was slightly eerie - darkened buildings and few people around. I suppose weekends will seem strange too as so many students will be going home. My home is here for now so won't often be going away but there will be times when I have to drag myself out of my new comfort zone, such as a certain 40th birthday party in Dublin in a few weeks :-)

Roll on tomorrow and the last day without formal lectures. Monday will come all too soon!

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