Monday, September 13, 2010

First lectures

Day one over and after attending a few introductory lectures have definitely decided what courses I'm going to do. Of course English and Spanish are a must, but after almost falling asleep/passing out in Classics I know it's not for me. The other two courses are going to be Philosophy and Celtic Civilisation. Despite the fact that it will be a heavy reading workload, it's a lovely combination and I'm interested in all four subjects.

As I walked to college this morning, kitted out against the rain in my jacket and baseball cap, satchel on my back, I couldn't help but think of the last time I was in a similar position and realised that, in many ways, I'm exactly the same person I was 30 years ago. Had the same feelings of anticipation that secondary and nursing school brought - what would I learn today? It reinforced once again that I'm on the right road and where I really should have been years ago. However, it's never to late and, after feeling a bit lost waiting for lectures to begin, it was so good to finally be in class again :-)

Was chatting to a few students who commented on the workload I'm giving myself but, as I told them, it's all going to help stave off the Alzheimer's for a few years LOL.


  1. Celtic Civilisation sounds interesting. I assume they're doing the full lot, not just Ireland. There are even some Celts in Spain, aren't there? Or am I misremembering?


  2. We're just doing Ireland and Wales this year but yes Trig, Northern Spain, particularly Gallicia has a Celtic heritage